WATCH: Limpopo River in flood

- Date: 28 February 2017

Written by: Isabel VenterĀ / Viewed: 16702

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Video credits: Vanessa Bristow.

Vanessa Bristow made a video yesterday afternoon (27 February) showing how the Limpopo River is rising up to her garden.

Her family stay on a farm on the Zimbabwean side of the river that is part of the Greater Mapungubwe TFCA, opposite Weipe.

“Just had radio communication with the Mapungubwe National Park, and the river is still rising at approximately 30 cm per hour,” said Bristow last night (27 February).

At their farm they had received approximately 200 mm in rainfall. “Certainly not as much as we expected, considering that the cyclone was touted to be making a beeline for us,” said Bristow. She suspects that Dineo had added to the rising level of the Limpopo River.

“It [Dineo] swerved north of us and pummelled Bulawayo, Gwanda and West Nicholson in Matabeleland-South. All the major supply dams in Matabeleland-South are spilling over for the first time in twenty ears. Our catchment area received the bulk of Dineo’s wrath, and I think this flood is the result,” said Bristow.



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Video credits: Vanessa Bristow.


by: Isabel Venter

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