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'Please honour this man' - Chief Muraga

Entertainment - Date: 04 February 2017

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A local traditional leader, Chief Ntikedzeni Muraga of Muraga, is calling on institutions to honour legendary and iconic international reggae artist Colbert Mukwevho.

Muraga attended Mukwvho's open-air show at Tshisele over the weekend and said Mukwevho's honour was long overdue, and that local institutions had honoured people from outside the area. “Charity begins at home,” he said.

During the show, held at the Highway Car Wash and Chisanyama, rural residents from the surrounding villages were treated to a five-star performance when Mukwevho took them on a musical journey. Mukwevho, who is a household name locally and internationally, played old songs that made him famous and some from his recent albums.

The host, Duma Nemadzhilili, owner of Highway Car Wash and Chisanyama,said the free show was a plough-back to the community and to provide entertainment to the entertainment-starved communities.

Nemadzhilili supports the local community in times of grief, assists needy learners and also needy families.  “Mukwevho has done a lot in terms of developing the arts and he deserves honour.”

Mukwevho said he was there to preach peace and unity.

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Colbert Mukwevho.


Laughter and more fun when legendary reggae star Colbert Mukwevho (second from right) and his number-one fan, Chief Ntikedzeni Muraga  (third from right), met. Also in the photo are businessman Duma Nemadzhilili (second from left) and two ecstatic fans.  


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