Tshifhiwa Magau, who released his second gospel-reggae single, titled “Murena Wa Tshilidzi”. Photo supplied.

Magau's music prophecy gets real


During a Sunday sermon, Bishop Johannes Muofhe of the World Mission Church’s Fondwe branch prophesied that a musician, someone other than a member of the worship team, would emerge from the church.

That prophecy is becoming a reality as one of the church members, Tshifhiwa Magau, has finally emerged and is already making an impact and a name for himself in the tough music industry.

He released his debut single “Murena Wa Tshilidzi” in 2023 and, in February this year, released his second follow-up single, “Uya Ri Lwela”. The singles are a build-up to a full album set to be released in July.

Magau said he grew up listening to one of the gospel music principals, Tshifhiwa Tancred Netshiongolwe. “I told myself that I would like to sing like him one day. Out of nowhere, songs started ringing in my head, and I would sit down and write them down. Sometimes I would get tired and think of giving up, but something would come and tell me to continue writing. When the prophecy came, I knew it was for me and it was all about me. I had been writing songs without knowing what would become of them,” he said.

Magau said he felt very inspired when writing the songs. “After writing enough songs, I approached Ananius Begwa, one of the best producers in Limpopo, and we made the music together. I can tell you it was smooth sailing. I could feel the prophecy was unfolding, and judging by the reception, the new single is going to be a blockbuster. This is a build-up to a full album, and I already have material ready for the album. It will all be high-quality music, and my fans will love it,” Magau said.

He described his music as a mixture of gospel and reggae. “I believe the first album will put me on the level of Rofhiwa Manyage, my role model Tshifhiwa Tancred Netshiongolwe, and the late Lundi. If I can achieve that, I will know I have arrived. To my fans, I say please brace yourselves for the new music breeze sweeping this area,” he said.

His music is still self-marketed, and plans are ongoing to make it available online.


Entertainment - Date: 21 April 2024

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