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Local girl making a name for herself in acting world

Entertainment - Date: 18 September 2017

Written by: Maanda BeleĀ / Viewed: 1543


A local girl is making a name for herself in the film industry.

The 23-year-old Khodani Ramuhuyu from Sibasa has lately been recognized by some of South Africa’s leading TV drama producers.

Khodani, who is passionate about acting and modelling, has been appearing as an extra for local dramas such as Generations, Muvhango and Rhythm City for the past few years. She believes that her real break in the film industry will come next year when she is done with her degree in media studies at the University of Venda.

In an interview with Limpopo Mirror, she said that she was driven to achieve more because of the whole narrative of being a young, independent black woman. “My mom is also my driving force, because from a young age I have always desired to make her proud,” she added.

She emphasised that her passion and love for media drove her to work hard and chase her dreams. “The world is full of negative people. I have learned the hard way and I always tell people that you need to check your circle. Add people who will motivate you and push you to do your best.”

Khodani Ramuhuyu. Photo supplied.



Maanda Bele

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