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Rambau launches three books

Entertainment - Date: 31 August 2019

Written by: Mbulaheni Ridovhona / Viewed: 3124


Known for his best-selling book Women, be wise, well-known author and motivational speaker Richard Rambau recently launched three books during an event at the Aviator Hotel in Kempton Park. 

The books are 15 Reasons why men don't commit, Lessons from the uneducated graduate, and Lungano lu rangelaho vhugala. “I aim to impact lives globally through my books. I want to ensure that people realize the truth about life and learn to live to their true potential," Rambau said. 

Rambau said the book 15 Reasons why men don't commit addressed the issues that a lot of people faced in relationships. "Most relationships start off very well with so many promises between lovers, but as time goes by, they separate. In most cases, separation is influenced by failure to understand things that drive partners away from their lovers. The book is an eye opener for both men and women on some of the problems that cause separation," Rambau said.

On Lessons from the uneducated graduate, Rambau said: "It is common that people believe that anyone who is not educated doesn't know enough. Based on my experience, I have realised that education only gives you knowledge, but wisdom comes from God. This book is about lessons that my uneducated mother taught me that shaped my destiny. She did not go to school, but she has graduated in the area of life."

The author from Mailaskop said Lungano lu rangelaho vhugala was a book about his journey in life. "It entails all the details of how I was born into a disadvantaged background with a single parent, until I became where I am," he said.

He is encouraging people to use their talents. "We are living at times where life is not guaranteed. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. Whatever dream that you have, make sure you work on achieving it today. Remember that you are not here permanently. If you don't fulfil your purpose now, no one else will do it for you. Put away excuses and start working on fulfilling your God-given purpose. Live full and die empty," he said.

Rambau’s books are currently available for purchase at Lifestyle books in Lakeside Mall, Benoni. He can be reached at 082 755 0703 or write to 


Richard Rambau. Photo supplied.



Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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