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Prophet Ramabulana's new book to address social ills

Entertainment - Date: 04 July 2020

Written by: Mbulaheni Ridovhona / Viewed: 1615


A well-known prophet, Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana, recently released his book, My African Dream - Imbokodo.

The book is about a young girl called Hope, who has a rare skin condition called vitiligo. Her parents get divorced and her world is suddenly turned upside down when she is forced to move with her mom from their suburb mansion to the township.

She finds her uncle addicted to nyaope and in a bad state because of unemployment. Hope's peers are gangsters in the community and young girls are dating blessers as most of them do not have father figures.

Hope's skin condition does not stop her from believing in her dreams. "We see Hope bringing a revolution and solutions to her corrupt township school, where teachers are in relationships with students and an alcoholic principal," the author said.

Speaking to Limpopo Mirror, Ramabulana said that the book aimed to address the social ills that are silent killers in communities, such as unemployment, domestic violence, alcohol, drugs, gangsterism, teenage pregnancy, prostitution, and divorce. "The book shows how drugs such nyaope and whoonga, as well as dropping out of school, are destroying the youth."

Through this book, the author said that he wanted to encourage, restore, and mend broken dreams and lives. "I want people to be motivated by this book during difficult times and also to remind our youth that education is the greatest liberator that holds the key to a better future."

Readers interested in the book can phone the author on 076 977 9568.


Prophet Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana. Photo supplied.



Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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