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Nicole gets famous

Entertainment - Date: 05 March 2021

Written by: Maanda Bele / Viewed: 4466


A local Tik Tok user, Matevhu Nicole Mukhudi, gained almost immediate fame by imitating famous comedian Ntambudzeni Rasendedza, popularly known as Mr Bundu, and has surpassed the 80 000-mark of followers on this platform.

Tik Tok is a social network platform used for sharing user-generated videos (mostly of people lip synching to popular songs). Users can create and upload their own videos where they lip synch, sing, dance, or just talk, and over the past few months – especially during the national lockdown - it has become one of the most popular apps used for entertainment.

The 26-year-old from Vuwani, known on Tik Tok as NicoleisBlakk, said that she had always had a great sense of humour.

“I am a fan of Tshovhilingana movies, and I love imitating Mr Bundu. So, one day I went to my mom’s bedroom and she was busy packing up clothes in the closet and I saw my dad’s jacket. I wanted to wear it and imitate Mr Bundu to see how it would turn out to be,” she said. “I made up a set for shooting a clip, using my cellphone, and I loved the video. I showed my mom and she laughed so hard. Then I posted the video on WhatsApp and almost everyone shared the clip. Then I posted it on Facebook, and people were blown away.”

Nicole said seeing her videos trending every day on social media brightened up her day. “It’s a good thing. I’ve always wanted to put smiles on people’s faces, brighten up their days and converse with them, those mini celeb-fan interviews,” she said laughing.

Although her videos are funny, Nicole said that she preferred to be called an actress and not a comedian, as she dreamt of becoming an actress one day.

“It takes hours to practise a clip and over an hour to record a complete 30-second clip. Sometimes I quit if I can’t perfect my body language and lip synch, so I give myself more time to practise,” she said.


Matevhu Nicole Mukhudi from Vuwani gained overnight fame by imitating famous comedian Ntambudzeni Rasendedza on Tik Tok.



Maanda Bele

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