The talented local producer and singer K Mvsh has released his latest single “Attention”, featuring Mizo Phyll, Troy Dipa, and Playboy Junior, on 12 October. Photo: The Urban Kulture Podcast.

K Mvsh's latest single leaves fans wanting more


On 12 October, local music producer and Afrobeat/Afro Pop singer Khuthadzo Mashamba, known as K Mvsh, stirred up excitement within the music scene by releasing his latest single, “Attention,” featuring Mizo Phyll, Troy Dipa, and Playboy Junior.

Hailing from Mulima, not far from Nthabalala, K Mvsh is also a popular radio presenter for Mulima Online Radio. His journey to prominence as an artist has been nothing short of spectacular. He initially garnered music lovers’ attention when he produced the hit song “Fellow Artists” for Mizo Phyll in 2021. The track skyrocketed to the number one spot on Apple Music within just one day of its official release. This remarkable achievement has propelled K Mvsh into the spotlight, making him a sought-after producer and artist.

The song “Attention” is more than just a catchy tune but is a heartfelt tribute to someone special. “It’s a song deeply connected to certain aspects of our story and the qualities that define us. However, at its core, it’s about the feeling of being unable to move on from a relationship, as if it’s the end of the world. Finding someone who feels like home can be challenging. I wanted it to evoke a nostalgic and seasonal vibe, something that transports you back to those special moments,” he explained.

Last year, he released his debut single, “Good Woman,” featuring Una Rine and Troy Dipa. K Mvsh has collaborated with various talented artists, including Batondy, Racha Kill, 2Real SA, Darse Mayne, and Calvin Mayer. His diverse range of collaborations showcases his versatility and ability to create music for audiences across different genres.

In 2016, he and fellow producer Mace Villason established a record label, Trakboy Records, adding another layer to his multifaceted career.


Entertainment - Date: 26 October 2023

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