Rudzani Mulaudzi, a teacher at Hanani Primary School, has released her debut gospel album, titled “Tshilidzi Tshawe”. Photo supplied.

It is possible to teach and sing part-time


Who said that teaching and music do not mix? Ms Rudzani Mulaudzi, a teacher at Hanani Primary School near Vuwani, has proven that the two can indeed be combined when she turned her musical talents into a second professional career. After nearly 30 years in the informal gospel music industry, Mulaudzi finally released her debut 12-track gospel album, titled “Tshilidzi Tshawe” (His Grace), in September.

Born and raised at Ha Davhana Balanganani, Mulaudzi attended school at Matamela Primary and Davhana High. After school, she enrolled at the University of Venda, where she completed her BA degree in 1998, and her teaching diploma in 1999. She started teaching at Hanani Primary School in 2002.

Mulaudzi is a staunch Christian and member of the Latter Rain Convention Centre. Her passion for music started in 1991 when she sang in the church choir of the Ha Davhana Apostolic Faith Mission Church and led the praise and worshipping. Over the years, she composed many of her own songs. By the beginning of this year, she had accumulated more than 50 unrecorded songs, from which she selected 12 tracks for her debut album. “Indeed, God’s time is the best. The album has only been released a month ago and already it is very well received by gospel music lovers. Hearing my music being played on the radio is like a dream coming true for me. I thank every radio station who plays my music. Fans are calling me every day to order their copies of the album after hearing it on the radio,” she said.

The album includes the tracks “Muhuluhulu”, “Khulunoni”, “Ri losha vhone”, “Jehova jira”, “Kha ri shumele Mudzimu”, “Khotsi anga”, and other soul-inspiring songs.

Mulaudzi shared an important message to young people who consider taking up a career in music. “Make sure to get a good education and secure a reliable job first. This gives you something to fall back on, should you encounter obstacles as an artist, or your music career fails. This way, you don’t have anything to worry about because you will still have a consistent income to sustain you.” 


Entertainment - Date: 02 November 2023

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