Reggae exponent Croco Mitval, originally from Tshifulanani village, has won the 2023 SAUMA award for Best Reggae Artist. Photo supplied.

Reggae artist Droco Mitval cherishes award

Entertainment - Date: 02 December 2023


Reggae artist Livhuwani Stanley Mafanya-Nemushungwa, better known as Croco Mitval, has come a long way since he was a young boy playing the guitar and drums that he had made himself out of tin cans.

His success, however, did not happen overnight. Croco initially started off as a dancer with the late master dancer JR Maluleke back in 2002. Only years later did he become a serious musician.

Originally from Tshifulanani village and currently based in Mamelodi East in Pretoria, Croco’s career in music was inspired by legends in the mould of Colbert Mukwevho, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Khakhathi, Shufflers, and Ntshenge.

His first album, Zwidiofhela Croco, was recorded in 2011, followed by the album Ndi sendele in 2019, and the single Afrika Haya Lashu in 2020.

His dominance in the music arena finally started bearing fruit when he received a nomination at the 2020 GAMA Awards in the Best Upcoming Artist category. That same year, he also received a nomination in the Sing with Sundowns competition, but in both instances, he returned empty handed.

This year, he was nominated by the South African Upcoming Music Awards (SAUMA) in the Best Reggae Artist category. This time around, however, the tables of fortune turned in his favour when his song Hotshinyalani (featuring Natty King, Alijah Dombo, and Mc-Akotikoti) won him the category. The awards ceremony took place in Johannesburg on 19 November.

“I am so excited to have won this after trying unsuccessfully in previous awards. I have come a long way and from very humble beginnings. To tell you the truth, there have been so many ups and downs in my career, but I remained motivated, believing that one day my efforts will make sense. This award has boosted my career, and I now see that I am not taken for granted. It means a lot to me, and I will always cherish it,” he said.

Croco Mitval is currently working on his next single, called Mbondo Dza Jericho, alongside top artists Rofhiwa Nethwadzi and Aweeh, which will be released soon.

Besides being a reggae artist, he has also worked with 2kan RSA, participating in hip-hop, Afropop, and Amapiano projects.


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