Rofhiwa Nethwadzi released his long-awaited second album, Ndi nne onoula  last Saturday. Photo: Mukhethwa Pharamela NYV Photos.

Rofhiwa releases his new album


Reggae and gospel singer Rofhiwa Nethwadzi released his long-awaited second album, Ndi nne onoula, on Saturday, 25 November. The reggae album contains 13 songs and two bonus tracks. Rofhiwa (33) was born in Tshiheni village but later moved to Tshirenzheni village, in Nzhelele. He currently works as a Paralegal at a law firm in Johannesburg, but making music on the side remains a big part of him.

He first joined the music scene when he was just 13 years old and, like any other musician, he had to work hard to make a name for himself. He was inspired by reggae artists such as Colbert Mukwevho, the late Lucky Dube, and Humbulani Ramagwedzha. Only last year - nearly 20 years since he began singing – did he finally release his first hit single, Zwanga azwilugi, a cover of Makhadzi’s Ganama. The song became a sensation and gave Rofhiwa the breakthrough he had been awaiting so long.

Besides his two full albums, Rofhiwa had also released six singles to date, including the tribute songs to Adziambei N, Makhadzi and Khakhathi Murida.

Although he considers music a hobby, his biggest challenge in the music industry, as for many other musicians, is piracy. “We work very hard as musicians to give our fans good, quality music, but there are those who disappoint us by pirating our music. I wish the fans would just buy our CDs or stream our music instead. It will be much easier that way,” he said.

Songs on the new album include Ndi nwana Mutuku (ft Reanay), the title track, Ndi nne onoula, Dithogomeleni, Ndo muwana (ft Venda Boy), “Zwiitwa nga Lufuno” (ft Gera Beatz).

The album is available in all digital stores. For CDs and bookings, contact Rofhiwa on his Facebook page (Rofhiwa Mudifho Nethwadzi).


Entertainment - Date: 03 December 2023

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