Love song belters Cornerstone have released their last single, "Ri toda u divha". From left to right are AJ Tshisevhe, Rendani Nefale and Ngereza Netshifhefhe. Photo supplied.

Cornerstone bid their fans goodbye with release of last single


One of the best local romance-music groups in the country, Cornerstone, are bidding their fans farewell with the release of their very last single, called “Ri toda u divha” (We want to know).

According to the founder and leader of the group, Avharivhudzi Tshisevhe, the group has closed shop because of financial difficulties. He mentioned that surviving in the music industry was challenging, especially for Tshivenda musicians, as many influential figures who controlled big businesses did not speak the local tongue.

The group gained national prominence with their famous track called “Thusani”. The song remains popular among music lovers and continues to receive extensive airplay on national and community radio stations. “Thusani” addresses the struggles of unemployed parents trying to provide for their families, calling on the community to lend support. Their latest single, “Ri toda u divha”, delves into the impact of imperialists who have taken control of land and minerals in Africa, leaving the rightful owners fighting for what remains,” explained Tshisevhe.

Despite their history of releasing politically influenced music, Tshisevhe acknowledged that their fans are more drawn to their love songs, which resonate on a deeper emotional level. He mentioned, “As we sing stone rock music, we tell the truth as it is. But we have realised that our fans are more interested in our love songs, which touch them on a deeper level, as we are also good lovers in our own right."

When asked about their plans now that they will not be recording anymore, Tshisevhe revealed that, since they were all employed, they planned on saving with the intention of returning to the music arena in the future.


Entertainment - Date: 22 December 2023

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