Morris Rathumbu from Hamadodonga village has published his first fictional book dealing with GBV. Photo supplied.

Rathumbu publishes book on gender-based violence


Morris Rathumbu from Hamadodonga village in the Kutama area published his first book, titled “Afurika Tshipembe Dengetenge”, on 13 January. In the book, the author addresses the topic of gender-based violence (GBV) through a true-story narrative.

Rathumbu, having witnessed the profound impact of GBV on affected families, shared that he had decided to articulate his experiences in a book. “We live in a society where women and children are being abused physically, sexually, and emotionally, and are getting killed every day. It is like a terminal disease in our communities. Whether you switch on the radio, read the newspaper, or watch television, the killing or abuse of women and children is always the main headline,” he said.

The issue of GBV holds significant personal importance for Rathumbu. “When is all this going to end, and when will women and children be left alone to live in peace? We have had enough of men who continue with this kind of abuse. We must all stand up and fight this disease together. If we keep quiet, who is going to speak? We should all shout out with one voice that we are tired; this must stop. That is why I wanted to address the subject in literary form, knowing that many people will get the message when they read the book. In many cases, partners or families are fighting or involved in domestic violence because of a lack of communication and understanding among themselves. The recurring public discourse in our society is that ‘men are trash,’ and the book outlines the root causes of gender-based violence in a fictional way.”

Rathumbu stated that his book challenged everyone to act and fight against women and child abuse before it ravages our entire society.


Entertainment - Date: 04 February 2024

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