Gospel artist Jabbie is back with a brand new single, called “Kondelelani”. Photo supplied.

Jabbie makes a comeback


After a 10-year sabbatical from the music scene, gospel artist Rendani Nemathaga, or Jabbie as he is known, is making a major comeback with his latest Amapiano gospel single “Kondelelani”. The single, recorded at Worship House Studios in Shayandima and released in October 2023, was officially launched on 20 January.

The last time Jabbie recorded as a solo artist was in 2014, when he released his debut hit album “Lupfumo Pfumo”. The album became an instant success and catapulted Jabbie to greater heights. Strangely, he never released another album after that, but he remained an active member of the Worship House music group.

About his absence as a solo artist and his latest release, Jabbie admitted that he was struggling to cope with his solo career because of other work commitments. “My job as a sales consultant at one of the country’s largest hardware outlets demands most of my time and concentration. At the time, it became very difficult for me to balance a full-time job and a music career. I know my fans were angry with me as they phoned me constantly, wanting to know what was going on with me. All I could tell them was that I was still preparing material for a new album. The pressure became unbearable, and so I had no other option but to release a single to calm them down.”

Jabbie said he had diversified to Amapiano music to give his fans a fresh new sound. “The single is about my experiences over the past few years. In 2019, I lost my job due to Covid, my business closed, and my music was not going anywhere. My wife left me, and I had to raise my child on my own, but I told myself I would never give up in life. The single is about that. I will be releasing a full album soon,” he said.

“Kondelelani” is available on all digital music platforms under his recording name, Rendani Jabbie.


Entertainment - Date: 04 February 2024

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