Mulafhi na Vhaapostola's new album, "Vha do Dzula na Nne", was officially launched last Sunday. Photo supplied.

Mulafhi launches his 13th music offering


Growing up in a home that also served as a church had a significant influence on Mulafhi Gogome Tshifularo’s life and music career. His father, Archbishop Tshisaphungo Samson Gogome Tshifularo, founded the New African Apostolic Church, with the headquarters based in Malavuwe, outside Thohoyandou. The late archbishop, who passed away four years ago at the ripe old age of 80, instilled very strict discipline in all 26 of his children. Every night the family would gather for evening prayer, where each child was expected to recite a verse from the Bible, and to sing a song.

“This was a routine that no one could avoid. We had to practise, so as not to be embarrassed during the daily evening prayers,” he recalled.

Later, he said, the music bug bit him and he knew that he had talent. In 1987, he started the group Mulafhi na Vhaapostola, which became an instant hit that appealed to Zionists and the general public, and they performed at many functions. But only in 2004 did Mulafhi get his big break and the chance to record his first album, “Thabelo Yanga”, at the Nelton Dama Studios in Johannesburg. “The album did extremely well and was to be the launchpad of my music career,” he said.

Over the years, Mulafhi produced 12 albums, and towards the end of 2023, he released yet another music offering, titled “Vha do Dzula na Nne”. The 13-track album boasts big hits such as “Nushe Na vha Israel”, “Ndamulelo”, and “Vhaima Na Rine”.

“This is our traditional Zionist beat. ‘Vha do Dzula na Nne’ was already released late last year but only launched officially last Sunday (28 January) because of logistical challenges. The album was well received by the church, and I am so grateful. My music is about prayer, praise, and worship.”

Mulafhi’s invites anyone who wishes to interact with him personally to do so through his Facebook page (Gogome Tshifularo Mulafhi), or Tiktok (Gogome Tshifularo Mulafhi).


Entertainment - Date: 11 February 2024

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