Well-known musician and comedian Cyria the Community spotted outside the Green Church in Tshiawelo selling snacks last week. Photo supplied.

Cyria not afraid to do side hustles to keep pot boiling


Popular musician and comedian Cyria Tshipetane caused a stir last week when she posted pictures on her Facebook page showing her selling snacks at the church gate at Tshiawelo. Cyria is better known under her stage name, Cyria the Community, and last year her song “Mapholisa” was voted the Song of the Year on Phalaphala FM. Despite being fully booked during the festive season and having hit songs such as “Madekudeku”, “Gusheshe”, “Covid19”, “Madrumbas”, and “Ex Yanga”, she surprised fans by engaging in this side hustle.

“Yes, I am a celebrated musician, but that does not exempt me from doing side hustles to augment my income derived from my music,” said Cyria this week when asked about her stint selling snacks at the church. “When you have money, no one will ask you how you got it, and selling snacks is another way of making an honest income,” she said.

Cyria added that many people were poor simply because of empty pride and were too worried about what people might say. “To tell you the truth, selling snacks at school helped me and improved my life tremendously. My room did not have a door for years, but I started selling snacks at school and managed to buy a door for myself. I am what I am today because I do not sit down and lament,” she said.

Cyria emphasised that people should not be discouraged from starting their own small businesses, no matter how menial it may seem to others. “To all my fans, I say a big thank you for all your support. My company, Primetainment, and its management have given me their full support. I achieved so much working under this label. Thank you so much,” Cyria said.


Entertainment - Date: 24 February 2024

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