Rhumba star Scoco Muimbi is back with a new album “Muthu Ha na Dankie”. Photo supplied.

Rhumba star Scoco's new album elevates her to new heights


Popular Vhembe Rhumba star Tshifhiwa Mathoni, better known as Scoco Vrumpha Muimbi, nearly quit music after struggling to accept the death of her mother. But she has bounced back and released another new album.

The girl from Dzwerani in the Vuwani area recorded her first album, “Ndo Vha Ndi Tshiri Mutsinda Ndi Khwine Shaka Ndi Bulayo”, in 2015. However, she took a six-year hiatus because of the death of her mother. After gaining enough strength and encouragement from fans, she returned to the studio and recorded her second offering, “Pfunzo Ndi Ifa”, in 2021. Since then, she has been determined to reach the top. Her latest album, “Muthu Hana Dankie”, released in January, is a testimony to her phenomenal success.

“I am back with a bang, and the new album is already making waves. Judging by the feedback I am getting from my loyal fans, I am set for greater heights. I am also receiving many invitations for live performances, a far cry from my previous albums. I nearly gave up on music after my mother, Tshianeo Mathoni, passed away. I picked up the pieces and released three more albums, and this fifth one has cemented me as the best female Rhumba star in Vhembe,” she said.

Scoco further indicated that the four-track album “Muthu Ha na Dankie” was recorded at Hoza Dj Takie Music Productions, with Deejay Takie also producing the beats for her.

“On this album, I sing about people who are not thankful for what others do for them. You do good for them but [they] will end up tarnishing your name. People should appreciate others. They should not be jealous of others,” Scoco said.


Entertainment - Date: 23 March 2024

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