Amapiano artist Rude Kid Venda has released his latest hit single “Kwiti Kwiti” with a music video featuring Vho Fridah, Legoo, Pro-Heed, and Vule C4. Photo supplied.

Rude Kid's 'Kwiti Kwiti' leaves fans grooving


Amapiano artist Rude Kid Venda, also known as Chidochi, released his latest single along with its music video, titled “Kwiti Kwiti”, on Saturday, 16 March. The song and video feature Vho Fridah, Legoo, Pro-Heed, and Vule C4.

The infectious beats and catchy lyrics of this new track have quickly captured the attention of fans, leaving them bopping their heads involuntarily to its rhythm. Hailing from Mangondi near Thohoyandou, Rude Kid, born Wanga Sadiki, is also a renowned songwriter and producer.

The song “Kwiti Kwiti” touches on the theme of self-expression and acceptance, particularly in relation to one’s appearance. Rude Kid shared the inspiration behind the track, stating that if applying makeup made people happy, they should do so. “I got the inspiration from Vho Fridah, who is gay, and the song aims to encourage people to be comfortable with who they are. For him to look like a woman, he always has to wear makeup. This is my single just to kick off the year, and my fans can expect more songs from me,” he said.

Rude Kid’s distinctive style and heartfelt lyrics have once again struck a chord with fans, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. “The response from my fans is overwhelming. The song takes my fans on a journey of self-expression and liberation,” he said.


Entertainment - Date: 30 March 2024

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