Jazz artist Ailwei Netshivhale released his new single, “Ene Mune”. Photo supplied.

L'wei's new single a continuation of life stories


Jazz maestro Ailwei Netshivhale’s new single “Ene Mune” is a continuation of the never-ending life stories he narrates musically. Released on Sunday, 31 March, the single solidifies his authority and position in the world of serious music.

The jazz guitarist, music composer, jingle writer, and singer, known as L’wei from Dzwerani outside Thohoyandou, made his grand entry into the music industry with the release of his debut hit “Mudzimu Washu” in 2015. This was followed by the “Lwenzhe Lwa Shango” album in 2017 and “Vho kholwa Jozi,” a single released in 2020. All of his songs tell life stories and are worth listening to.

In his compositions, L’wei combines various instruments, including the mbila and the traditional nanga Tshivenda reedpipes used in performing the tshikona dance.

The new single is no exception, with its intro characterised by intoxicating guitar riffs, complemented by L’wei’s sweet voice and other instruments that ignite one’s appetite to listen to the song.

“In this one, I am trying to give hope to the hopeless. When strange and dreadful things happen, and people encounter problems, they often turn to despair and sometimes give up hope, asking themselves why? They should not waste their time but should direct all to God, Who has all the answers,” he said.

The new single comes more than two years after his last release, “Kholomo ya Musanda”, in 2021. His fans were becoming impatient, seeking explanations for the long break.

Netshivhale was quick to point out that people should always be patient with him as he was not in a hurry to release half-baked products. “I give myself time to prepare materials for my projects. My music is not simple stuff; I go for the best quality. Just by looking at the lineup I used as my backing band, it is the creme de la creme. The result is for all to see, and it is all yours,” Netshivhale said.


Entertainment - Date: 06 April 2024

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