Meshack Nemakhavhani, also known as Mesh De Vocalist, is using his voice and music to fight against gender-based violence within the Vhembe District. Photo supplied.

Vocalist raises voice GBV problem


“Music should help address societal issues that are affecting the community,” says house musician Meshack Nemakhavhani, better known as Mesh De Vocalist. The musician from Tshaulu Buluni has released a new album, titled “Mbilu I Khombo”.

The eight-track album includes tracks such as “Arifarane”, “Lutendo”, and the title track, “Mbilu I Khombo”. On the album, he features relatively new but talented roots reggae artist Edward Maswanganyi, known by his stage name of Burnfist. The album was recorded at Unit 21 Redhouse Music Records and released in March.

“I don’t just sing for the sake of singing; I research current topics and issues affecting the community and incorporate them into my lyrics. I aim to create music with life lessons. The main message in the track ‘Arifarane’ is directed at everyone, but particularly men, who are the primary culprits of this scourge. I urge the community to love one another because if our foundation is love, there will be no need to harm each other,” he said.

According to Mesh De Vocalist, gender-based violence has become like a plague and a disease, especially in the Vhembe District. “Let us all stand up and denounce this demon; let us speak out against it wherever we gather, whether at community meetings or other events. Let it be part of the agenda,” Mesh De Vocalist said.

His passion for music began at the local Holy is the Lamb Church, where he was a member of the choir. He started pursuing music professionally in 2021, releasing his debut EP “A thi koni Ndi si Nae” in 2022. The EP performed well and served as his career launchpad, followed in 2023 by several singles, including “U Mbiluni Yanga”.

His latest release is quickly becoming a hit with his fans and is establishing his presence on the local music scene. “Judging by the reception after the release of the album, the future looks bright. I have been receiving calls constantly, and I have several bookings lined up. Working with Burnfist was one of the best things to happen in my career,” he said. His music is available on all digital platforms.


Entertainment - Date: 19 April 2024

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