Part of the front cover of Sadiki’s book, “Ofhani”. Photo supplied.

First published work for Emmanuel Sadiki

Entertainment - Date: 26 May 2024


A new author, Mr Emmanuel Sadiki, has finally published his first book, titled “Ofhani”. The book, a Tshivenda novel, is a solo effort by the author, who was born in Matsa village in Nzhelele but now resides in Tswinga outside Thohoyandou. Ronewa Vhutali Publishers published the work, which was formally launched in May and was edited by Mr Rudo Ndlovu of the Pan South African Language Board (PANSALB).

Sadiki, who is a key accounts manager at Mamello Clinical Solutions, said he had been writing for some time but had not published anything. “My late father, Mr Nthangeni Sadiki, motivated me a lot in this field. This is my first book, and it was inspired by my personal life observations on people, especially the youth. Ofhani comes as a warning to the youth not to associate themselves with the wrong crowds,” he said.

Sadiki, who is currently studying for a BCom Law degree through UNISA, said he had noticed over the years that many people, especially the youth, ended up in trouble by mixing with the wrong people.

Ofhani, the main character in the book, turns to a life of crime soon after the death of his father. He becomes involved in the sale of drugs before graduating into violent crimes such as car hijackings, where the syndicate is working with a corrupt senior police officer who also supplies them with weapons and police uniforms to smuggle cars to neighbouring countries. He and his gang end up being arrested, and Ofhani is sentenced to life in prison. His grandfather, who is in court, cannot bear the pain and collapses and dies right there.

Sadiki says the book is a must-read for all as it has valuable information that could change lives. “My dream is to see this book included in the syllabus or used as a prescribed book for Grades 11 and 12. It will go a long way in changing the mindset of a lot of the youth who believe in shortcuts, ending up doing crime. We can then rest assured that we do not have a replication of the Ofhanis,” he said.


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