Gundo Masakona, who is well-known as Gusba Banana from Makwarela village. Photo: Tory Photography. 

Gusba Banana's debut album makes waves

Entertainment - Date: 07 June 2024


Gundo Masakona, also known as Gusba Banana from Makwarela village, has shaken up the music scene with the release of his debut album, titled “Matinyazwihulu”, on Friday, 17 May. Since its release, the album has soared to number six across all genres on the Apple Music charts, gaining impressive traction on Spotify as well.

The album features 13 songs, with its lead single “Davita” featuring the “King of VenRap” Mizo Phyll and talented vocalist Crosswave. “Matinyazwihulu” embodies and expresses a fusion of street-style amapiano, hip-hop, and cultural music. Renowned for his unique rapping style, Gusba’s music is the perfect blend to set the mood for a party, whether you are at a gathering, on a road trip, or in your room.

“I am impressed by the increased number of streams from my fans, which I never expected,” he said. Masakona added that the approach of the project was rooted in a desire to allow listeners to experience different sounds and to break free from limitations. “From start to finish, the album takes you on a rollercoaster ride with songs like ‘Musamaria,’ ‘Pele Pele,’ and ‘Bobo Jane,’” he said.

Last year, he released his debut extended play (EP) with nine songs, titled “Ya Baba”, which shot straight to the top of the charts on Apple iTunes. Gusba believes that this project is one for the ages, setting a new standard and serving as a debut to showcase what to expect artistically from him in the seasons to come. His latest project kicks off with a calm and inviting intro known as “Musidzana”, which means “A Girl” in his native Tshivenda, accompanied by African-rooted sounds.

“It’s somewhat of a prayerful approach, combined with elements of praise and seduction towards the girl, assuring care and love. My fans can anticipate music videos from the album, and soon I’ll be featuring international artists,” he said.


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