Afro beats and hip-hop artist Osome Feyn reflects on his musical journey with his new EP titled “Lakes and Trees”. Photo: MC films.

Osome Feyn's latest EP reflects his musical journey

Entertainment - Date: 06 July 2024


Afrobeat and hip-hop artist Vhuthu Tshisikule from Miluwani Unit C in Thohoyandou, known as Osome Feyn in music circles, released his EP titled “Lakes and Trees” on Friday, 28 June. The four-track EP reflects his musical journey and has been generating significant excitement among music enthusiasts since its release.

Osome Feyn’s name means “Oh-some find everything you need,” reflecting his self-image as a rapper active in the music industry for the past decade. He has created his own unique sound that is irresistibly groovy and deeply meaningful, evolving his skills in poetic writing and melodic composition.

At the age of 16, he gained the confidence to write rhymes and compose music based on his experiences growing up in Venda, a journey that has deepened his passion for music ever since. His latest EP marks a significant milestone in his musical journey, showcasing his unique blend of Afrobeat and hip-hop influences while exploring themes of transformation, renewal, and growth.

Through this EP, Osome Feyn conveys his journey of self-discovery, hope, and transformation, guided by soothing melodies and lyrics that explore the ups and downs of life. Osome Feyn explained that the EP draws parallels between the harmonious balance of lakes and the enduring strength of trees, symbolising the cyclical nature of life.

“On the EP, lakes symbolise the constant flow of water, reminding us that change is inevitable and we must adapt to life’s challenges. Trees, on the other hand, represent strength, resilience, and the beauty of new beginnings, signifying that every ending marks a new beginning,” he said.

He believes the EP will resonate deeply with his fans, encouraging them to embrace life’s transformative moments with grace and optimism. “The EP promises to leave a lasting impression, offering a touching reflection on the essence of growth and resilience in the face of change,” he said.


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