Boxing trainer-manager John Smoking Joe Nemakonde is furious after rumours started doing the rounds that some of his professional boxers were participating in musangwe tournaments. Photo: Victor Mukwevho Ne-vumbani.

Pro boxers warned not to take part in musangwe fights


Local boxing trainer-manager John “Smoking Joe” Nemakonde has warned professional boxers who participate in traditional fist-fighting tournaments (musangwe) as well as street fighting bouts to stop doing so with immediate effect. Nemakonde was responding to allegations that some of his boxers were spotted participating in musangwe tournaments.

Speaking to Limpopo Mirror on Sunday morning, Nemakonde said that for a professional boxer to participate in such tournaments was illegal. “It is very dangerous to participate in such tournaments as it is prohibited by Boxing South Africa (BSA). As far as I know, all professional boxers are insured by BSA. Who is going to pay if they get injured in such tournaments? They are not even allowed to engage themselves in street fights,” he said.

The visibly angry boxing trainer said such boxers were also in danger of contracting diseases, such as HIV/Aids, because no gloves or proper protection measures were in place at such tournaments. “They risk being suspended and even having their licenses revoked by the BSA. If it is true that some of my boxers are participating in such tournaments, heads are going to roll very soon. We have told them on several occasions that it is illegal to do so,” he said.

He added that in boxing tournaments, professional referees, medical practitioners, and boxing trainers who could stop the fight when one of the boxers was in danger of being seriously injured in the ring were on hand. “Doctors can advise the referee to stop the fight if a boxer is badly injured, and the trainer can throw in the towel if he realises that his boxer is in big trouble. But who is going to attend to the injured boxer in the musangwe tournament?” he asked.


Sport - Date: 23 February 2024

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