Happy moment. The players and officials of Matsika Shooting Stars celebrate with the team’s trophy after the final game. Photo supplied.

Vhumbedzi Cup winners still waiting for the prizes


Teams that participated in the Vhumbedzi Soccer Tournament are still awaiting their prize money. The tournament, which took place at the Begwa Grounds from 16 to 30 December, was organised by Mr. Ronewa Nemakonde. Thirteen teams from Tshaulu and the surrounding areas participated in the event.

All participating teams were required to pay an affiliation fee of R700. Matsika Shooting Stars emerged as the champions after defeating the hosts, Begwa United Brothers, in the final match.

According to Mr Lufuno Mudzanani, the chairman of Matsika Shooting Stars FC, the agreement with the organiser was that cash prizes would be distributed to the winning teams on the day of the final. However, this did not happen as promised. The champions were supposed to receive a cash prize of R5,000, gold medals, and a floating trophy. The second- and third-placed teams were to receive R3,500 with silver medals and R1,500 with bronze medals, respectively. However, Mudzanani revealed that his team only received a floating trophy during the ceremony held at the grounds after the final game.

Upon inquiry about the cash prize, Mr Nemakonde informed them that he was still negotiating with sponsors. After several days of follow-ups, Mr Nemakonde paid an amount of R3,000 into the club's bank account, leaving a balance of R2,000. When questioned about the remaining amount, Mr Nemakonde claimed he was still raising funds and requested more time.

Despite several weeks passing, Mr Nemakonde continued to delay payment, prompting frustration among the teams. When approached again, Mr Nemakonde suggested that the clubs could take the matter wherever they wished if they were unwilling to wait for him to pay them at his convenience.

During a telephonic interview with Mr Nemakonde, he admitted to owing the clubs prize money, stating that his attempts to secure sponsors for the tournament had been unsuccessful.

Mr Desmond Munyangane, the team manager óf Tshikambe FC, also confirmed that they were still awaiting their prize money. Despite his attempts to follow up, Mr Nemakonde ignored Munyangane's phone calls. Tshikambe FC, finishing in fourth place, was supposed to receive an amount of R1,000.

When questioned about proceeding with the tournament despite the lack of sponsors, Mr Nemakonde diverted the conversation and suggested that Matsika Shooting Stars could go ahead and report the matter to national television stations or newspapers. He warned that this attitude could deter other tournament organisers from allowing Matsika Shooting Stars to affiliate with their tournaments in the future.


Sport - Date: 04 April 2024

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