Grannies of the Tshakhuma Clinic Old Age Football Club, photographed after one of their practise sessions. They are pleading for assistance to buy sports equipment. Photo supplied.

Amazing grannies keep the balls rolling


Ageing gracefully is a top priority for 40 grannies from Tshakhuma, who have taken it upon themselves to stay fit and healthy. These grannies, who occasionally receive health services at Tshakhuma clinic, have organised themselves into a group and have recently launched a soccer team named Tshakhuma Clinic Old Age Football Club.

One of the founders of the grannies' football team is 80-year-old Vho Ntshavheni Agnes Muduvhadzi, who told Limpopo Mirror that they enjoyed playing soccer more than anything else. “Since 2019, we have been coming together as grannies and participating in various sporting activities and exercises to keep ourselves fit. Since we are old, we only do what we can because sitting at home doing nothing increases our chances of being affected by opportunistic diseases. We usually meet twice a week at the local soccer field, but we encourage each other to keep fit even when we are at home,” she said.

She added that they tried to involve male elders in the team, but the battle was a difficult one. “We initially recruited three male elders, and they spent some time with us. Two of them gave up, and unfortunately, one of them passed away. But that does not discourage us from doing what we love under the guidance of our captain, Vho Livhuwani Mavhungu.”

Muduvhadzi said that although they enjoyed playing soccer, they faced serious challenges as they did not have proper equipment. “We don’t have soccer kits, soccer boots, and other equipment, but that does not deter us from enjoying the beautiful sport. We also want to play matches with other grannies from other areas, but we are unable to do so because we don’t have any means of transport.”

The inspiring story of the grannies was shared on social media by local villager Ndidzulafhi Ratshilima, who appealed to good Samaritans to assist the grannies with proper sports equipment. Ratshilima urged the public to help the grannies. To assist the team, the public can contact Ratshilima on 072 089 3850 or the founding member Vho Ntshavheni Agnes Muduvhadzi on 076 532 1627.


Sport - Date: 11 May 2024

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