Hip-hop artist Junior Marius (27), known as Salvester47_SA. Photo supplied.

Salvester47_SA inspires hip-hop fans with latest mixtape

Entertainment - Date: 28 June 2024


Hip-hop artist Junior Marius (27), known as Salvester47_SA from Mutale, Tshilamba, has made waves with his latest mixtape, “Only 23 Mixtape,” which was released on Wednesday, 19 June. On this mixtape, packed with six songs, Salvester47_SA shares tracks that hold significant meaning for him, touching on themes of gratitude, love, motivation, and resilience.

The “Only 23 Mixtape,” which is gaining traction on YouTube, was produced by Waytoolost and BongaBeats and features artists such as Caretaker, Tanic J, and Queen-vee. Salvester47_SA said that one standout track was “Thank You Mama,” a heartfelt tribute to his mother.

“In this song, I express my appreciation for her care and support, acknowledging the nine months she carried me and the unwavering presence she has been in my life. I like the response from my fans as this new mixtape is doing better than my first mixtape,” he said.

He said that other songs on the mixtape, such as “Feeling Blessed,” “Hustler’s Prayer,” “You Telling Lies,” and “King and Queen of Hearts,” served to inspire listeners to stay focused on their goals and dreams. According to Salvester47_SA, these songs are anthems of perseverance and determination, encouraging fans to keep striving until their aspirations become reality. “I continue to captivate audiences with my storytelling and motivational messages, which obviously solidifies my place in the music circle,” he said.

He started his music journey 17 years ago, inspired by American rappers such as Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Drake. His music not only resonates with his thousands of fans but has also been acknowledged by industry experts. Salvester47_SA has received several award nominations and first gained widespread recognition with the release of “Feel My Beast Visuals” in 2020, which won Song of the Year at the MAMA provincial awards.


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