Dr Mercy Masakona, who is the new face at Univen Radio's gospel show on Sunday mornings. Photo supplied.

Dr Mercy is the new face at Univen FM

Entertainment - Date: 30 June 2024


Fresh from winning the award for Best Music Composition at the National Institute for Human and Social Sciences (NIHSS) at the Javett Arts Centre in Pretoria, popular musician, composer, singer, and academic Dr Mercy Masakona Madzivhandila has achieved yet another milestone. She was recently appointed as the new presenter of the popular gospel programme “Delight in the Lord” at Univen FM.

Masakona takes over from Rapson Rambuwani, who left the station in April this year. The programme airs on Sundays from 6:00 to 10:00 and features gospel music, guest pastors delivering sermons, and listener participation through phone-ins and testimonies.

Regarding her new role, Masakona expressed that while she was known as an academic and musician, she was excited about performing other roles. “Through education, one gets exposed to many things, and with me, radio is a form of art just like the music that I do. I feel very comfortable here,” she said.

She added that the radio show allowed her to reach a wider audience. “I have always wished to be a presenter. I remember years ago, while doing my master’s degree, I auditioned for a position here but did not make the cut. I didn’t give up, and I feel this is the right time and opportunity I have been waiting for,” she explained.

Masakona made her on-air debut on 14 April. “As a first-timer behind the mic, I was nervous, but with the support I received from fellow presenters, I quickly started feeling comfortable. My best show was on Sunday, 23 June, which was my birthday. I have never felt that appreciated and loved,” she shared.


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