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Mutendas shows consistency on new album

Entertainment - Date: 30 June 2024


Following the success of his 2022 monster gospel album “Madimoni”, Tshivenda soul-music king and veteran Philip Nephawe, better known as Mutendas, has returned with all guns blazing. He has released a sizzling-hot album titled “Makwenhu”.

The six-track album, released on Friday, 21 June, adds to the 25 earlier releases under the name Mutendas, three under Gearbox, and three as Musamaria. Composed and produced by Mutendas himself and recorded at Mutendas Studios, the album was programmed and mixed by Tmbeva 4Life and Mutendas.

The new album does not deviate from the typical Mutendas style, characterised by heavy bass lines, stinging lead guitar riffs, and meaningful lyrics. It boasts the songs “O Khetha Mini?”, “Phandas”, “Vhothe Vhayafana”, “Tshelede Ido Sala”, and the title track “Makwenhu”.

“I sing about topical issues that affect the community. The song ‘O Khetha Mini’ addresses the challenges people face today. People are desperate and unsure how to tackle them. They should trust and pray to God, and His will be done,” Mutendas explained.

“The song “Kha Nthonifhe Vho” was inspired by today’s youth who lack respect, engaging in drug use, alcohol abuse, and premarital sex. I encourage them to take education seriously, respect the elderly, and honour their parents. This is what we expect from our children,” he added.

While other musicians experiment with different genres, Mutendas remains faithful to his old-school style and has been consistent for nearly three decades. “Tshivenda soul music has become a part of me, and I have no plans to venture into other genres. This is my unique brand, and I don’t want to confuse my fans. They know me by this style, and if I change, Mutendas would no longer be in the music industry,” Mutendas affirmed.

The album has been available on all digital platforms from Tuesday, 25 June.


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