International wheelchair tennis star Ronewa Mudzanani. Photo supplied.

Ronewa's Wheel Life Changer is already making its presence felt

Sport - Date: 18 November 2023


Ronewa Mudzanani was diagnosed with scoliosis, an abnormal lateral curving of the spine resulting from cerebral palsy, when he was just a little boy. However, this did not stop him, and he became an international wheelchair tennis champion.

Mudzanani knows just how difficult growing up with a disability is. Due to his personal experiences, he saw the necessity of an organisation that would cater to the needs of the disabled. With the help of a few friends, Wheels Life Changer was established.

The organisation was officially launched at Makhuvha Tshilivho on 22 October and, in commemoration of Disability Month, is already making its presence felt in the community. On Monday, 6 November, Wheels Life Changer visited the Ratsiku family from Hamaila, outside Louis Trichardt, where they donated a wheelchair to seven-year-old Rotondwa Ratsiku.

About his new role in assisting other disabled people, the 26-year-old wheelchair tennis champion from rural Vhurivhuri, who had participated in many international tournaments, said growing up as a disabled child had not been easy for him. “No one thought it would be possible for me to go to school, but fortunately, my mom took me to a boarding school at the age of five. All I want to do now is help disabled kids by making sure that none of them are sitting at home with nothing to do while they should be at school. I have been through a lot growing up with a disability, and I do not want them to walk the same path as I did. They deserve the best care,” he said.

Mudzanani’s commitment and achievements in the realm of wheelchair tennis are an inspiration to many. He said they had many plans to improve their communities through Wheels Life Changer. “As an organisation, we aim to help the youth accomplish their dreams by making sure that they can go to school with the right aids, such as wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames, pads, and school shoes. No child should miss the opportunity to go to school because they lack these aids,” he said.

For more information and assistance, contact Mudzanani on 060 744 9089 or send an email to Wheels Life Changer at [email protected].


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